A Passionate Artist, Meet THD


    Introducing a fantastic singer, songwriter, and producer, THD. Originally from Atlanta, the independent male artist began making music in January 2020 and released his first single two years later in January 2022. The music that he produces belongs primarily to the R&B and Pop genres.

    Like many other artists, THD’s journey began in a church as a young singer and musician when he was a child. Surrounded by a family with musical interests, his father and brother taught him a lot about music. THD, himself, always had a place in his heart for music and his passion only developed as he marched in the school band from middle school to college. As he grew in his craft and talent, he took his passion to the studio and pursued it further.

    The music that THD produces is bright, fun, detailed, and melodic. It gives out vibes for every mood and every person. While producing his music the artist always tries to find something unique that can catch people off guard musically and melodically. He finds harmonies and melodies first and then begins to write the song based on a topic that he feels is relatable for everyone and tries to create an atmosphere that everyone can vibe to as well.

    There are a few important people to which THD owes his growth as they have helped him reach where he is today. Firstly, the group that he is a part of is called Dov3 which is comprised of THD and Ice Cream. Secondly, his family has served as a great source of help and inspiration. Lastly, some of his favorite artists and watching how they could manipulate their voices to create masterpieces has always helped push the artist in the right direction. Some of them include Chris Brown, Mario, Neyo, Tyrese, Tank, Jodeci, and many more.

    THD promises to continue to pursue his dream and passion for music. He plans to include more variety in his music that will cater to other genres as well such as Pop and R&B.

    Meet THD, A self-made Singer and Songwriter 1

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