A Rapper who is determined to be a big name, Meet P.L.A.Z


    P.L.A.Z, a rap artist from Milwaukee, is here to give us some new aggressive rap. P.L.A.Z had his new banger “Company”, which dropped jaws with how smooth it was.
    Since starting making music in 2008, P.L.A.Z has been determined to make his way to the top. When you listen to P.L.A.Z’s music, you will get a certain vibe from it. P.L.A.Z has music that has a kind of 2000s rap vibe. Smooth, not too aggressive. bars, but not too complicated. but can move in and out of time with the beat not too much vulgar content about drugs and violence, but more about life, love, cars, money, the nightlife, family, smoking, and having a good time. His music will give you a one-of-a-kind experience that you will never forget.

    Turn on the beat and let’s go! That is all that P.L.A.Z describes in his creative process. He is not much of an “I have to have a writing session type of guy.” He can turn on a beat and within 2 hours the whole record will be recorded and mixed.

    P.L.A.Z aka Plaz Brown was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. P.L.A.Z has been a part of the music industry since 2004 he started his record label Un’Yon Entertainment in 2008. P.L.A.Z successfully dropped 2 mixtapes “From The Beginning to the Beginning” U City Movement” and the single “Don’t Stop” which received radio play and generated a buzz throughout the Mid-West! P.L.A.Z also promoted club nights, a monthly comedy show “Mid-West Comedy Nite” for 8 long successful years. “Monday Night Live” a poetry show was also promoted by P.L.A.Z for 2 years.

    In the process of those promotions, he became one of the best videographers and photographers in the state. In 2011 P.L.A.Z moved to the west Coast Phoenix Arizona where he began his radio career. P.L.A.Z joined KKFR Power98.3 FM, Phoenix’s top Hip Hop Station in 2012 head of the digital department. P.L.A.Z was also the Co-Host of the “Tino Cochino Radio Show” which he had the station’s highest ratings ever on that station. Now P.L.A.Z is back on the music scene and dropping the first Single “Company” featuring national recording artist Dj Luke Nasty, super talented Fedarro, and production from Multi-Platinum producer Dj Pain 1. P.L.A.Z. The first solo Album “DROP TOP MUSIK” is set to drop soon, featuring King Los, Yukmouth, The Hoodies, Milla, Delly every day, Logic, Honesty, and more!!

    P.L.A.Z loves to create, the love he has for music is just unmatchable. P.L.A.Z loves the art. It’s just a part of life for P.L.A.Z. Without music, P.L.A.Z says he doesn’t know where he would be.

    In the future, we can expect P.L.A.Z to just be as amazingly talented his right now. P.L.A.Z has a cool fair hardworking earth type of guy. P.L.A.Z loves to have fun with his people, loves traveling, hanging with my family, and going to sporting events! To check out what P.L.A.Z is up to you can check out his podcast/Show “The Laboratory with P.L.A.Z” on all streaming sites!

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