A versatile Rapper who wish to write for big names, Meet Chris Hines


    Chris Hines, a versatile rapper, and song writer from the DMV, is ready to reach the top of the music industry.
    Chris Hines has exceptional skills in all the genres of music except country and rock. He started making music in 2018 and debuted his first single in 2019.
    The truth about Chris Hines’s versatility in music is that it involves more than simply a feeling; it is all about the variety of skills that he has. Chris Hines is adaptable enough to be versatile in music, and he is also good at it. Versatile, Chris Hines, as an artist, wants to embody every emotion a human can experience in life. He wants to create vibrations and sounds of every culture, every market, every street corner, every vibe. Chris Hines can sing and write his songs. Chris Hines has a plan to be a household name. Chris Hines wants to write songs for the biggest names in the music industry and wants to be at the top due to his exceptional skills in music.
    Chris Hines feels inspired and immediately needs to record. Chris Hines does not have a ritual, but he loves watching movies and then rewinding them. The reason he loves music is that he likes to critique the music going on in his favorite scenes. Chris Hines loves challenging himself to make a better song that will work. He listens to beats and just hums until something moves him. He closes his eyes and just has beats on auto play.
    Chris Hines is a military child from the DMV. He was born in NC but moved across the east coast and even overseas to Japan and moved back and forth from Maryland and Virginia, so he claims the DMV. Chris Hines started out as a spoken word poet, doing poetry slams in DC and killing the competition, which slowly turned into music. Chris Hines needed to reach the masses in a different light. Chris Hines joined the military while he was in Japan and enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. He has been in for 6 years and is about to get out to pursue his career in music full time. This is what his love for music made him do.

    A versatile Rapper who wish to write for big names, Meet Chris Hines 1
    A versatile Rapper who wish to write for big names, Meet Chris Hines 1

    For Chris Hines’ music as a child, his childhood background from his mom’s side of the family served as a great inspiration for him. His mother kept him in the church, kept him singing, and kept him learning new rhythms. Lil Wayne was Chris Hines’s early favorite rapper, but he has had many inspirations since then. Russ is a big inspiration because Chris Hines has been a student of the game for a while since his father showed him Jay Z’s movie Fade to Black. Chris Hines always knew he would be up there someday; he just did not know how. His devotion and love for music drove him to pursue a career in music.
    Chris Hines has a new EP coming in August called Cammies to Grammys, which is based on his transitioning from the military to a Grammy award winning songwriter. We can expect more shows and more tour dates by the end of 2022 from Chris Hines. He is also on the road to having over 100k streams this year already.

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