Almighty Dot, an enhanced technical music artist with exceptional rap skills


    Introducing Almighty Dot, who is here to give us the perfect fusion of R&B and hip hop.
    Almighty Dot, originating from Harlem, New York, has always been into music. He started making music four years ago and has been unstoppable since. He is signed to the label T.I.M.E Records, from where he dropped his debut single called “Block Rock,” which was a great hit.
    Almighty Dot is an exceptional rapper, actor, and songwriter. His music can be described as a cross between R & B and hip hop. It’s also laced with hints of the 90s and 2000s vibes. You cannot fake anything you write about music because it comes from within your spiritual being. Good music comes from your soul and life. Even if you are only producing music as a hobby or to make it your career, you should always be looking for ways to get better. That is what Almighty Dot strives for. Almighty Dot possesses a gifted talent as well as techniques that enhance his music-production abilities.

    Almighty Dot, an enhanced technical music artist with exceptional rap skills
    Almighty Dot, an enhanced technical music artist with exceptional rap skills

    Almighty Dot has the kind of music that will make you want to stop playing the music you have been playing every day and turn into his fan instantly. His music makes you delve deep into music. Almighty Dot music will make you discover the music that influenced your favorite musicians.
    Almighty Dot was born in August 1997. He was born in Harlem, so it wasn’t so easy growing up in a brownstone. It was difficult for Almighty Dot because growing up was not so far from the projects. All the kids had Jordan’s and Uptown’s, and he had buddies and clothes with holes, and sometimes Almighty Dot had to hustle to get himself together. When music came into his life, he saw that as an opportunity to make himself better in music and to create a fortune for himself.

    The knowledge and motivation you get will make it worthwhile, even if you must go through some challenges in life in the process. It all comes from music. When Almighty Dot was 12, between money problems and bullies at school and on his block, Almighty Dot used to listen to Isaac Hayes play the piano. From there, Almighty Dot learned to play the drums and guitar. My parents were amazed, so they put him in lessons for drums and guitar. Almighty Dot heard Tupac and started writing poetry, which soon turned into raps that he was able to match to a piano or drumbeat.
    In the future, we can see Almighty Dot emerging as the best rapper the music industry has ever seen. Almighty Dot is dropping his 2nd album, Destiny, with two 14-song tracks. Stay tuned, it’s coming this summer with a feature from the rapper Maino.

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