An Inspirational Rhythmic Artist Projectheartkid


    We bring to you an artist who produces music with a rhythm and flow like no other. His catchy tunes are uplifting and inspirational. Projectheartkid is an artist who makes music that belongs primarily to the rap, hip-hop and RnB genres. Born in DMV, the artist is currently signed up with the music label BFG productions.

    It can be said that life for the Projectheartkid has not been easy and he has experienced and been through some difficult times. Witnessing several friends get killed, dropping out of college, doing time in the military the artist still did not give up hope and found the strength to chase his dreams and create music exactly the way he wanted. He decided to make a way for himself and because of that he had his family turn on him, friends betray him and had people talk down on him only because it did not involve them. The artist remained strong and accepted things the way they were and continued to work hard to achieve his goals.

    An Inspirational Rhythmic Artist Projectheartkid
    An Inspirational Rhythmic Artist Projectheartkid

    Pursuing his passion for music, the artist began making music in 2016. After, two years of hard work and devotion to his music he released his first single in 2018. The music ProjectHeartKid produces is diverse and unstable but in a good way. The singer has the skill to bring together a bunch of different flows and sounds and wrap them together as one. While he touches the heart and souls of people with his Drake/Tory Lanez melodic vibes, to a taste of the Gospel that the streets can relate to and giving energetic and unapologetic vibes. He uses his music to narrate his story and tell his listeners what he has been going through by using fancy words and subliminal messages that are directed to those close to him and understood by them too. Altogether, his music is a collaboration of variables brought together and expressed through his exquisite vocals.

    An Inspirational Rhythmic Artist Projectheartkid 3
    An Inspirational Rhythmic Artist Projectheartkid

    For Projectheartkid, his ideal method of working on his music and the creative process for it would involve him sitting in his home studio, reading and writing about what he is or has gone through. After clearing his head by writing down all these thoughts, he transitions into a different zone and is able to block out everything else and enters into a state where he feels the moment and connects only to his music.

    His biggest forms of inspiration were those hardworking people around him who wanted to be better but could not and those experiences that knocked him down, but could not knock him out. In 2017, the artist suffered from depression and anxiety because of which he was admitted into a mental hospital. That was a turning point in his life where he told himself that there was no going backward.

    In future, Projectheartkid’s listeners can expect many more ‘bangers’ from him. He plans on collaborating with artists like D0RR1AN, Drvven, Dremoee, Gunna Da Razda, and more to create some magic through their beats and tunes.


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