Beachy, a master in the limitless vocal span


    Beachy, an evolving SoundCloud rapper, is here to make you surf the waves of rap in a way you have never experienced before. Originating from Melbourne, Australia, Beachy started making music in December 2021. In February 2022, Beachy dropped his debut single.
    Reef, also known as Beachy, is a teen artist who is ready to rise above and demonstrate his undiscovered talent. Through the unique music that beachy produces, he strives to show that he should be looked upon. His flows are timeless, his vocal span is limitless, and his work ethic remains untouchable. The music that Beachy produces would be described as the next wave of sound cloud rap. Beachy has mixed multiple sound cloud styles into his very own, which gives it a rapping/auto-tuned style and catches the listener’s attention due to how hard Beachy’s delivery is. The talent and love for rap that Beachy has in him is just remarkable.

    For his creative process, Beachy is a quiet place to be exact. Beachy just hop in the studio and runs through beats until he finds the one he likes. After having the beat that he likes, Beachy starts to go off the top, laying down flows and just getting a feel for what he is going to go for on the beat.
    Beachy found his extreme love for music as a young kid. Growing up in a small town with not a lot of connections, Beachy found it very hard to express his emotions. Music provides a creative outlet for our emotions, which we frequently lock up. This is where Beachy found music as an escape from his life troubles. Music helped Beachy regulate his emotions. After moving in and out of 30 different houses by the age of 17, Beachy wants his story to be not just told, but heard by people all over the world. Through music, Beachy wants to produce music that will not only inspire people but also validate them for the emotions that they are going through. Positive vibes and motivation are all that Beachy strives for from his music.

    Beachy, a master in the limitless vocal span

    Beachy got inspired by music because of the thought of not being able to live the next 70 years working a 9-5 for some person. Beachy wants to create a fortune for himself through his talent. Beachy hustles hard, so that one day he may be able to support his family financially and show them that Beachy made it. Beachy is truly inspired by the fact that by pursuing his passion, he can tap into his creative self and live his true-life purpose, which is to make music, spread positivity, and motivate people to be the best they can be no matter what the circumstances they fall into.
    Beachy has an aim in this life is to spread positivity. Beachy wants to show people that you don’t have to be born a certain way to achieve what you want. You can accomplish your dreams and desires as big as they may seem. In the future, we can see Beachy performing all over the world with growing a strong connection with as many fans as he can. Beachy has a project in the making that is based on his childhood struggles. This project will be about what he went through to get him to be where he is today.

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