Bringing to you a rapper from Paterson, Meet Loddie


    Bringing to you a rapper from Paterson, Meet Loddie

    Bringing to you a rapper from Paterson, New Jersey, Loddie. The artist began making music professionally in 2019 and released his first single in the same year. The music that the independent artist is primarily of the rap genre.

    Loddie’s story began in 2018 when he turned out to be homeless, with nowhere to go. While he felt it was the world against him, it was him against himself. After expecting loyalty from the wrong people and not receiving it as he expected, the artist felt that he was done depending on others and began doing things on his own. He was able to earn some money through gambling on FanDuel. He spoke to his sister and played her a song that he had composed many years ago for his lady and this was when the artist decided that music was what he wanted to do.

    Bringing to you a rapper from Paterson, Meet Loddie 1

    When asked to describe his music the artist choose the words ‘urban hype music, with real-life situations.’ His music is all based on stories and ideas that he gets from his friends and their situations while taking walks in his neighborhood with his girlfriend or after long days of taking care of his children.

    Loddie’s biggest inspiration is his sister, someone he always looked up to. Her name was Danielle Fields, also known as, Mushy. Danielle loved music and could always be found playing around with it or rapping to it. She was the reason that Loddie learned how to rap. On April 11th, 2021 which was a day after the artist’s birthday, his sister passed away. That was the point that he decided that he was never going to give up and pursue music for her as she is his biggest inspiration and he will always be her number one fan!

    This year the artist is ready to give out more and wants his listeners to be ready to hear him a lot more. He aims to continue to show honesty through his music and is determined to never give up until he drops the mic and means it both literally and figuratively.

    Bringing to you a rapper from Paterson, Meet Loddie

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