Chemistry Mills, a writer turn to music star


    Introducing Chemistry Mills, an emerging rapper, and songwriter from Irmo, SC who is here to give a new vibe to the rap industry.
    Chemistry Mills started making music at the age of 16. Through his hard work and dedication, he is now signed to the label, Palmetto Boy INC. Chemistry Mills dropped his debut single in 2016 and has been on his way to achieving the heights of success.

    Chemistry Mills has the kind of music that will make you feel kind of nostalgic but still in the now. His music is the perfect blend of new and authentic rap that we all miss listening to. Chemistry Mills brings us music that is so unique that you cannot help but get addicted to it.
    His creative process changes depending on the vibe he feels. “Sometimes it takes ten minutes to write a song, but sometimes it takes me a year”. He strives for his music to be authentic, no matter how long it takes. Every so often, Chemistry Mills writes a song when he hears a beat. We know, right? He is just that talented. He often writes a song and then looks for a beat to match it. Chemistry Mills likes to keep everything under control. He is open to inspiration. “The only consistent part of his process is that he is always writing”.

    Chemistry Mills, a writer turn to music star 2
    Chemistry Mills, a writer turn to music star

    Chemistry Mills started out by writing poems and then progressed to songs. Besides that, he is just like any other person who is willing to hustle and work hard to make it in music.
    Being able to control how his music sounds and being able to make something that he likes is what inspires Chemistry Mills the most. That is the way he knows it is authentic. Chemistry Mills wants his music to inspire people and motivate them to do better in life. Chemistry Mills’ goal for practicing music is to help somebody who is going through a rough patch in life.
    You can expect Chemistry Mills’ music to change the world in the future. Through his music, he will be able to help and inspire a lot of people out there wanting to be heard. Chemistry Mills is working on some new projects that will be released soon.

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