From Maywood to Hollywood: The Journey of Tre Woods, The Underdog’s Voice!!


    Tre Woods actually has two inspirations when it comes to what inspired him to start making music. One as an artist, and one as a songwriter. He comes from a family of musicians so his first inspiration to rap came from his cousin who most people know as Fiend from No Limit Records. He might’ve been somewhere around 7 or 8 when he first saw his cousin on tv when the ‘Make Em Say Ugh” music video dropped. Seeing that made him realize young that music could change his life if he just took it seriously. Of course in the hood it seems like everybody wants to either hoop or rap but Fiend was the first example of seeing it actually happen on a major level. His sister would take him and his nephew down to New Orleans and he would get us right with the No Limit gear, Tre Woods swore he was a tank dog soldier! On the flip side his inspiration to become a songwriter was through his brother in law Earl Powell who is a Grammy award winning songwriter for his contribution on Jennifer Hudson’s Debut album. Around the same time Fiend and No limit were doing their thang. His brother in law was producing, song writing and running his own label in Chicago. Tre Woods used to always be in the studio watching him mixing and mastering records he wrote and he was quiet at the time so he probably didn’t even realize he was paying attention the way he was. It wasn’t until a few months before he moved to LA that he told him that he should consider writing for artists as a way of building his resume and getting his foot in the door as an artist. That advice he gave proved to work exactly how he said it would! On that note shout to Tre Woods family.

    Tre Woods was born and raised in a town called Maywood, minutes outside of Chicago, Illinois. Maywood is a small town with a lot of history. It’s home to people like Doc Rivers, Michael Finley, Shannon and Sterling Brown, and Sergio Brown just to name a few. So it’s definitely more known for sports than anything, but that’s where he comes in at. Growing up in Maywood came with a lot of challenges, it was the hood point blank so it’s everything you’d expect from any hood. Poverty, gangs, violence all that. With that being said he appreciates where he’s from because it made him who he is and no matter how far he gets he’ll never forget where he came from. In his music you’ll hear a lot of Maywood talk. That’s where the “Woods” came from in his name. Pair that with the fact he’s a “III” and you got Tre Woods. Also, he’s not really one to regret because some of his biggest setbacks taught him some of the most valuable lessons, but if he could go back and do something differently it would be to invest in himself and not wait for anyone to do it for him. Early in his career he was a little naïve in thinking all he had to do was make dope music and someone was going to put millions of dollars behind him. This came with a rude awakening of course. There’s no telling what Tre Woods could have accomplished earlier in his career had he had this type of mentality he has now but at the end of the day you live and you learn. He had to go through that let down to get his head right.

    When it comes to what Tre Woods has accomplished, the over critical part of him will say nothing yet based on where he knows he wants to and is going to be in his career as long as God is willing. Realistically he’s been blessed to transition his music into the film industry landing the theme song of two films. One being titled “The Chosen One” and the other one titled “Octopus Pot” both directed by Mykel Shannon Jenkins. You can find these films on Amazon Prime and the official title song to “Octopus Pot” on all streaming platforms. They have more work coming in 2023. Tre Woods also had the opportunity to co write with Precious Way and the legendary MC Lyte on season 1 and 2 of their sitcom “Partners In Rhyme. He made an appearance on season two so yall be on the lookout for that in September on the ALLBLK network. Much love to these three individuals for allowing him to be a part of these amazing projects. The way Tre Woods would describe the music he makes in one word is as the voice of the Underdog. That’s how he really feels and he doesn’t say that as a bad thing. It’s what fuels him to be honest. And the truth is, everybody was an underdog at one point right? Your favorite rapper, athlete, you name it. It’s a certain beauty about that type of come up though. Even down to where he’s from, everybody knows Chicago, not many know Maywood…yet.

    Lastly, Tre Woods has a lot in the works right now. He currently has a song called “Balance” out now on all DSP’s. It’s the first release off an upcoming project. The music video is out now as well on YouTube and it’s going crazy right now so yall can check that out. The project is coming at the end of first quarter and he’ll be announcing the title and release date soon.
    On another note, Tre Woods has season 2 of “Partners in Rhyme” airing now on WETV. You can catch his lyrics in the show’s music throughout the episodes as well as an appearance in episode 1. Overall he’s just excited for y’all to hear everything he has coming and everything that’s already out. You can follow him on Instagram: @6015tre, Spotify: Tre Woods, and Youtube: BowGanG WorldWide. Tre Woods has plenty of music and videos for y’all to vibe to until these next releases. Y’all get in tune with ya boy…BoWGanG!

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