Presenting IBRU, meaning the ‘great one,’ a multitalented male artist with a passion for music like no other. Originally born in Florida and raised in the Bahamas, the singer and songwriter is currently signed up with the music label, Kohanim Records. The music that IBRU produces belongs primarily to the Reggae and Dancehall genre. Growing up with a love for music, the artist decided to start making music when he was in high school and successfully released his first single in 2016. After, taking music theory for a few years in high school IBRU was able to understand and appreciate the different genres of music. He wanted to know more as it sparked an interest him for music. This was the point in his life where he realized that this was the path he wanted to follow and prompted him to start writing songs.

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    Before, producing a song the artist makes sure that he creates the perfect vibe and setting in his studio with the use of LED lights. He begins by discussing and brainstorming ideas with his team. These ideas are then communicated to the producer and the next step is to bring the vision to life. Once the beat is created, the artist comes up with a catchy hook and then writes the verses. IBRU likes to use his music to deliver a message to its listeners. He believes in following a balanced approach, giving his listeners a variety of music to listen to. While his songs are full of energy, they address social issues at the same time. Even while his music involves deep and heavy topics, the hype and the beat of the music uplift and inspire people to dance and have fun.

    In 2019, the artist released his first EP “I’m So Focused,” followed by his much-anticipated sophomore EP “Great One,” in August 2021 in which he delivers some amazing, catchy reggae hooks. In the dancehall flow he is became popularly known for “Feel Your Pain.” His album debuted on Amazon’s Top 5 for new releases. Later on, the artist enlisted in the US Army, but his love and passion for music never died out. He continued to write music and began recording in the studio. His experience and life in the army had a great influence on his music and was able to help enhance his worldview.IBRU promises his listeners that he will continue to work had creating new music for his fan. His new single which is a mix of the dancehall and R&B genre just released on February 18th, called Best Friend, which he would want you all to listen to!

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