Introducing FNG CUATRO: The Rising Star in the Music Industry


    FNG Cuatro started making music back in 2018, which was during the end of his freshman year of High School. He would describe his music to be empathetic because no matter the mood of the song, it’s always made off of his true emotions whether it’s sad, angry, or when he’s feeling good and listeners will always be able to feel what he’s feeling through his songs.

    FNG Cuatro’s creative process mostly goes off of his mood as he mentioned previously so once he knows how he’s feeling, he goes to find a beat that he thinks would best help him express that feeling. Then from there, he freestyles on it to find a flow and to help lyrics come to mind, then he pretty much executes and starts writing. It’s not always the best though because sometimes he chooses to rap about serious things he’s going through on more of a vibe type of beat so it doesn’t have to be 100% depressing. His come-up story consists of him being born in Calumet City, IL just about 15-20 minutes from Chicago on February 28th, 2003. He originally had hoop dreams of just being some type of Pro Athlete but certain hardships and early deaths in his life began to take over his focus and on top of that, he just started to fall out of love with his original dreams.

    FNG Cuatro had a few inspirations to make music. He went through depression for the first time during his 1st year of high school and listening to music was his escape at that time he was listening to a lot of NBA Youngboy to help him because he felt like Younboy had empathetic music that FNG Cuatro could relate to so then he decided “why not make music of my own and it gives a try” and that’s when he started but he didn’t start dropping music until his junior year in 2020 because he wanted to wait to perfect his craft first. Another inspiration was his uncle.

    He was killed when FNG Cuatro was younger and he was an artist when he passed so he wanted to finish what he started too and use it as a way to let his name live on. Lastly, he just really wanted a dream to chase, especially a dream that most would think is “impossible” or “1 and a million” because stuff like that always gives him the drive to make it happen plus he knew he didn’t want to go to college. He rather makes money from something he has a love for.

    Overall FNG Cuatro’s life is full of twists and turns but he’s working on getting his equipment, like a nice camera and computer so he can go into full rapper mode, show his creative side 100%, and drop consistent music videos, audio, and projects. He plans to drop an album and a mixtape before 2023 is over and do some marketing so his name can finally start ringing bells and getting out there.

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