Enter The Realm of SUMOMO, An Energetic Creative Artist From The New Dimension


    Thoth Music 4Life-SUMOMO, a young male music artist with all the energy you need if you are into multi-genre music. He is creative, he is passionate, and he is about to blow your mind. SUMOMO is a producer of electronica, R & B, electro-rap, hip-hop funk, psychedelic jazz, and soul music, or what is precisely described as THOTH MUSIC.
    An independent artist born in Philadelphia has been creating music since he was a little child. From his childhood, he used to get different musical instruments for every birthday, which made him passionate about music. A mother knows and understands her child’s talent before anyone else, so she used to give SUMOMO pots and pans to beat on while she did work around the house, completing all the chores. SUMOMO had all kinds of instruments right from the start; saxophones, guitars, drums, and bongos were the instruments, to name a few. Now residing in Honolulu, Hawaii, SUMOMO has his first single out for his audience to enjoy. What’s up with that came out in 2012?
    His life has always been his inspiration to make music. His come-up story is a common black American origin story from North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A single mother with three children. Being the oldest in the house, SUMOMO had to be the man of the house at the age of seven. Overcoming the hurdles and obstacles in his life, the art of music gave him a new philosophy of life that made him turn out to be what he is now. Having said that, his love for music contributed greatly to him, providing him a means to express himself and his character. Self-mastery has always been part of SUMOMO’S growth as a musician. What SUMOMO is can be described in many ways. He is a producer, a composer, a musician, a singer, a rapper, a songwriter, and an audio engineer/entrepreneur all in one. The music industry finally got a whole package of creative goodness with SUMOMO.

    Introducing SUMOMO, An Energetic Creative Artist For Multi-Genre Music Main
    Introducing SUMOMO, An Energetic Creative Artist For Multi-Genre Music Main

    This has always been a tricky one to answer when it comes to anything that is consumed as art. Starting with the understanding that all art is in the eyes and ears of the observer, and that everyone has fascinatingly experienced art music in their way. SUMOMO consumes music as a way of dreaming out loud inner thoughts and emotions, as well as with the purpose that when others listen to his music, it has a positive impact on them. Growing up as a martial artist, mindfulness, and self-development through zazen meditation is all that SUMOMO is capable of. To inspire and encourage people, SUMOMO is a teacher in a sensei so that he can teach people the art of self-mastery, as it is the best service to mankind. SUMOMO believes and wants his music to be the kind of music that when people listen to it, they feel that the music is healing them. SUMOMO loves melodies and harmonies in musicology as they are dramatic presentations of senses of spirituality, groove, and meditation.

    Introducing SUMOMO, An Energetic Creative Artist For Multi-Genre Music Main 3
    Enter The Realm of SUMOMO, An Energetic Creative Artist From The New Dimension

    SUMOMO has the most creative process for making music. SUMOMO’s creative process includes doing his due diligence as an artist to improve his craft. He has a whole environment set up where he practices instruments or vocals. During one portion of his week, he could turn on some rhythms and just freestyle for hours on end, hammering out lyrics or concepts in his brain, just the same as using the same piano, guitar, or audio engineering. SUMOMO always made a habit of practising principles and tools to manifest reality. As an independent artist, he takes his time to master his music in recording and mixing. The thing that sets him apart is his time management, followed by innovation, to be the best music artist in the music industry. SUMOMO is passionately motivated to make music, which makes it easier for him to keep a balance externally and internally.
    SUMOMO’s inspiration for music is distinctive from the upcoming artists. His inspiration is everything and anything in this world. He is always in his creative zone, which allows him to be inspired by everything that he goes through irrespective of the situation he is in. He enjoys his great way to dream out loud with his own artistic musical musicology expression abilities because he thinks that it adds value to others and yourself at large for a better today and tomorrow. Life Is a Miracle. Love life and life will love you back, says SUMOMO.

    SUMOMO is going to bless our ears in the coming years. With such a creative artist, we can expect him to be the next big hit. SUMOMO is all set for his new projects in music. He has given himself a target of releasing at least one single each month to stay in the game. For his first single, you can stream it on Spotify or go to for more of his amazing singles. SUMOMO is also looking forward to dropping his next single, INNER YOU, which is coming out on April 1. Also, support his mother’s artwork, paintings, and art book blog podcast for more knowledge about mindfulness self-development, self-mastery, and mindset perfection.

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