Tunde 2deep started music as a battle MC and was given the name 2Deep on the streets because of his deep lines. Debuted his 1st official song in 2013, This talent started making music around 2006. The pop star describes his music as Afro-fusion, Afro-pop, Afro-reggae, Afro-RnB, and World Music, basically, deep Music which can relate to a lot of experiences, trials, and tribulations. Babatunde Akinleye tries not to put himself in a box where he makes and caters to specific fans and types of music. 

    Being an amazing artist Babatunde has a creative process that consists of understanding the effect that words and sounds have on us as humans emotionally so he always tries to come up from
    that angle. He even meditates and firmly believes that music is a tool, so he would never
    try not to force it and basically pay attention to his surroundings.
    Music for this Star comes from a place he can’t explain, it’s a spiritual process for him.

    Always going to his recording sessions prepared with the songs he has planned to record. This upcoming artist believes that what distinguishes him is that he does not hide his emotions and uses his music as a “therapy session” for those who can relate; furthermore, he believes music is part of himself into words and sounds resulting in a euphoric feeling and healing for the listener. 

    Babatunde Akinleye’s dedication and such amazing understanding at a very young age caused him to stand out. He gained a small fan base then, using only the resources he had. He first picked up a pen to write after hearing the Kanye West song Jesus walks. He remembers vividly it was on an old radio that had a tape recorded so he was able to record the
    song and it just blew his mind. You see, before Kanye, all other rappers
    out there made it hard for someone in my shoes to think of doing music, that
    was the spark that led to the fire.

    Babatunde Akinleye was also inspired to make music by an artist named Jay-Z. But he is still, to this day, among the main reasons why he started making music seriously. He as an artist is very excited for his fan base to hear what he has been working on. He is in the hope of catching their ears to get a gist of what type of artist he is, and hopefully, this super-talented artist leaves all listeners something to relate to but still leaves an upbeat vibe they’ll always remember.

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