Kai Kastin, an exceptional songwriter in rap genre


    Kai Kastin is a songwriter in the rap genre who is exceptional in his craft. Originating from Houston, Texas, Kai Kastin started making music in 2017.
    Kai Kastin debuted his single in 2021 and has been working on his skills as a songwriter. It takes a different approach to the rap game for Kai Kastin by telling his story and strictly how his life has been unfolding at the moment. Kai Kastin is aware of his surroundings, and he is so talented that he can instantly turn an idea into a song.

    Kai Kastin, an exceptional songwriter in rap genre

    Kai Kastin prefers to write things down when he feels them, notices them, or thinks about them. He then begins to build on his songs. Unless Kai Kastin has a rush of flows that occasionally happens, at which point he can finish half a song in 2 minutes.
    Kai Kastin started writing music at 13 years old because he saw other people coming up and living their lives, and that intrigued him the most. Kai Kastin has always been a fan of music ever since his brother put him on to the likes of Wayne, Mac, Wiz, and so forth.
    If Kai Kastin is not listening to music, he is making music. There are so many people that Kai Kastin is inspired by, everyone from James Brown to Elton John to AC/DC to Young Thug to Denzel Curry.
    In the future, we can expect Kai Kastin to change the rap game with his exceptional lyrical skills. Consistency and growth are what Kai Kastin is all about. Kai Kastin is dead set on producing music to succeed in life and do what he loves most, music.

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