“Introducing Justen Kilgore, an emerging rapper that is certain to mark his place in the industry with his unique rap skills.

    Justen Kilgore was born in Houston and was raised between Memphis and Los Angeles. Justen Kilgore has always been passionate about music. He started making music in high school. He debuted his first single in 2019. Justen Kilgore is an exceptional rapper and a writer in the genre of rap and hip-hop.

    Justen Kilgore has the kind of music that can be described as a perfect mix between west coast and southern hip-hop. His music is based on the places he grew up. Justen Kilgore has gained influence from artists all over the map. He loves to make music, so writing comes to him naturally. Justen Kilgore can make 10–20 songs a day if the producer and engineer can keep up.

    Justen Kilgore came up hustling and finessing. He did not grow up with a silver spoon so he had to get it the only way that was available to him, through hard work and passion. Once Justen Kilgore started getting the money he opened a studio, started selling cars, and jumped into all types of business endeavors and investments that keep things flowing.

    Justen Kilgore’s inspiration to make music is to provide for himself and the people he cares about. Music was taught as a way out, so music was initially his way out. Justen Kilgore was meant for all of this, along with his love for music and writing.

    Justen Kilgore’s debut album “”Rich Off JackN”” drops July 31st, 2022, on his birthday. He also has a lot of visuals and surprises coming after the album. His new video “”Get Em Off”” also dropped a song from the album.

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