Kioni aka (PrettyBoyLo) began making music at an early age when was 11 years old. At that age, he was really interested in making music, and in 2017 was when he first started recording music of his own at 15 years old. When he first got into recording music he was rapping at first but later on switched to an R&B type of style in 2019.

    Kioni describes his music as a vibe that falls into being melodic, and emotional. His music also has the resembling sound of artists such as Drake, 6lack, Bryson tiller, and even Ryan trey. As far as how Kioni creates music, he indeed can be versatile which he’ll be showing in his upcoming Ep, titled PrettyBoyLo Volume 2.His creative process as far as how he makes and comes up with music is just through his personal experience of his, whether it be from past relationships, personal things in his life, or just speaking in general. When he writes his music he likes to take from what he’s gone through in the past or overall just relatable content so people can relate as well.

    Kioni grew up in Chicago’s westside area and then later moved into the suburban areas. He grew up listening to a lot of older music because his grandmother along with people in his family interested in music as well. Kioni’s grandfather was in a band (before he passed), his grandma and uncle both played the piano, and even writers (poetry) in his family such as his mom and a few cousins, who he was inspired by and introduced to music. The 90s and early 2000s/10s played a huge part in his music interest due to him being inspired by artists such as 2pac and J.cole, and R&B artists like Aaliyah, Bryson tiller, and Drake. At the age of 11 when he really started to dedicate himself to perfecting his craft, rapping was how he first got into music, listening to rappers like 2pac, Biggie, Nas, J.Cole and prepared him to get into music. Fast forward 4 years later at 15, he recorded his first song called “Raindrops”, which was later released 2 years after it was first recorded. Kioni always wanted to sing but just didn’t know how to deliver vocally, he was always shy and nervous about his voice and it wasn’t until 2019 when he discovered and listened to Ryan Trey who inspired him to be more melodic, also keeping other musical R&B influences in mind to put rapping aside and even sing more. That same year (2019) Kioni decided to come up with the idea of releasing an Ep. Which later was called “A Baby Butterfly”. While working on this project he went through a series of heartbreak, and rough times in his personal life which caused the creation of Ep to become more personal. On February 14th of 2022, he released his first Debut Ep. titled “A Baby Butterfly”.When it comes to his inspiration to make music, growing up in a family that was already musically oriented, music wasn’t hard to come by or relate to. Being around people in his family that were musically inclined, he felt like making music himself was and still is to this day his calling. What inspires Kioni the most is the impact he can make in the industry. He also feels as if he has a unique sound as well so maybe he’ll bring change into other sounds as well.

    As far as what you can expect from Kioni, he recently dropped a project on August 19th (2022) titled PrettyBoyLo Volume 1, which he also dropped a continuation which is part 2 of the project that same day. PrettyBoyLo Volume 2 is a Youtube and Soundcloud exclusive only and with this project, it is considered the best thing he’ll be dropping in his career regarding music as far as right now.

    Whenever Kioni drops music or plans on dropping music he likes to go based on how he feels and when he thinks the right time to drop is. He likes to go through things and experience life for inspiration so as far as how often he’ll be dropping he’s honestly not sure but it will be more consistent than before.

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