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    Introducing, Daniel Arana, a male artist with a love for music as far as he can remember. Writing music was something the independent artist did since he was a child. While the songs were simpler back then, he waited until 2019 to produce his first song professionally. On December 13th of the same year, he released his first single. Daniel is a singer, songwriter, and producer and makes music that is mostly Reggaeton.

    Born in Miami, to Mexican parents, he lived in Brazil for ten years which had a great influence on him and changed his perspective to a global one. The artist feels a certain pride in being from Miami and really connects with the Latinx community there. Representing the LGBT and Latinx communities there, he feels a sense of responsibility and wants to be able to raise a voice where it is needed.

    Daniel Changed his genre to Reggaeton

    When the artist began making music, his songs were of the Folk Pop genre, but then he quickly changed genres and switched to reggaeton. He felt that there was something about the beats of such music that just make you want to dance and live a happy life. Also, with the increasing popularity of the genre, he felt that he had something meaningful to share in that space. He felt that Reggaeton is a piece of powerful music that allows you to talk about serious issues with your listeners, but provides them with entertainment at the same time.

    Daniel Feeling Minimal Collage Music Album Cover

    Being a gay Latino, the lyrics to the music that Daniel produces are targeted at LGBT and Latinx communities. When producing a song, the artist likes to use universal beats that inspire him and would make him and his listeners want to move around and dance. If the inspiration hits him hard, the artist is capable of writing the song in a day. Though it is a rare occasion, at times it can take up to a few weeks when he works on the song a little, each day till he is finished.

    There is a purpose behind his lyrics

    Daniel also puts a lot of focus on the meaning behind his lyrics, making sure that the song has a purpose, but is fun and irreverent at the same time. He believes that even if a song is written without a purpose, the purpose of that song will find it in unexpected ways. The artist loves to collaborate with producers that understand the vibe that he wants to send out through his music. He wants to create music to help people heal and have fun. He wishes to push them to live life to the fullest and not always live seriously.

    Though the artist had written many songs, he was not able to produce any of them. The turning point in his life came when he had a burning desire to write a song and finally produce it. He was not sure what the results would be or where it would take him, but there was a strike of inspiration that pushed him to do it. Daniel came up with ‘Lento,’ a song that spoke from the gay Latino perspective.

    Being a gay man, the artist feels that there is not enough of a voice yet. Though there have been improvements, he feels there is still a lot more that needs to be done in this specific field. This is one of the main reasons that he decided to make music, other than the fact that he just loves creating. Knowing that he can make a difference in other people’s lives is very fulfilling for him.

    Daniel Arana - Recording Artist

    Upcoming Release:

    Currently, the artist is working on his new album and will be releasing a track soon. There is no set date as yet as the artist does not like to hurry with his music, but treats it a lot like gardening. The more time and love that is poured into it, the better the results. Daniel is super excited about his debut album that lives in the reggaeton world. He is certain that it will make his listeners want to dance and if there is a focus on the lyrics, it will speak to them as well.

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