Meet Gyp$yfoot with his release “Smashing” , a certified hit!


    “Gyp$yfoot our newest music producer, is all set to make some catchy hit tunes with his thrilling, expressive music. Gyp$yfoot, who originates from Melbourne, Australia, has always enjoyed making hip-hop and R&B music for his fan base. He began making music at the age of 14 and released his first song on April 15, 2022.
    As for his music, Gyp$yfoot’s music is a love child between Mac Miller, Dr. Dre, Eddie Hazel, and Pink Floyd. Gyp$yfoot can be considered an emotional person as a reflection of his music. He utilizes the blues as a foundation and usually employs blues chords or jazz-derived chords to achieve those expressive aspects. However, the main element of his music will be hip-hop. On April 15th, Gyp$yfoot released his debut single, SMASHING, which was written during a period of live blues and general unhappiness caused by COVID lockdown. Gyp$yfoot also loves listening to Justin Timberlake, so we can see inspiration from him in his music as well.

    Spooky Fruit was very similar to him. The lyrics are based on the astrological 8th house. Death, sexuality, and taboos are all governed by this area. He found out about all of this when he was researching his birth chart because he had a lot of 8th house placements. At that moment he was in a scenario with someone where he was feeling this need and tension, but he was just out of each other’s reach at the time, so as a result the lyrics and vocals were composed. It was a never-ending power struggle and tug of war for Gyp$yfoot. “SMASHING” is another song, that had a smooth, seductive sense to it, with an underlying darkness, when he first heard it. Everything effortlessly flowed because the energies were in sync for Gyp$yfoot.
    He uses a loop pedal to write his tunes for his creative process. He loves to start with a chord progression, then adds a bass, and lastly work on the layers and soundscapes. Then he will redo it in Ableton, and the song will have changed completely by that point. Once the chord progression, drums, and bass have been recorded into Ableton, Gyp$yfoot immediately begins working on the groove. Working on the groove can take hours. Sometimes Gyp$yfoot feels overjoyed, then tweaks it and is even delighted, before trying something new.

    Meet Gyp$yfoot Who Inspired from Justin Timberlake

    Gyp$yfoot also likes to experiment with the song by changing the sound of the drums, creating all-new drum kits, and working on the eqing. After that, he’ll start to work on the track textures, whether that’s a distorted bend with a reverse delay on it or inversions of the chord progressions chords to give it some more movement. Gyp$yfoot analyses chords played in the high registers to fill all that sonic space. He always says that each track is unique in terms of work, and sometimes he needs a catchy melody, and other times he needs an emotive chord progression, so depending on the kind of music he is producing, he takes a starts according to the melody.
    After he is done with the production of the song, he sends a version of the track to Spooky Fruit for approval. Spooky Fruit then comes to the studio and smashes the vocals out. Normally, they start by doing a full take of the entire track as a base reference, then go through section by section and work on delivery, pronunciation, etc. Right after that, they move over to the harmonies or sections of harmonies and work their way through the track. He does not like to do any mixing aside from the reverbs and delays while they are working on the track. “One more time,” we believe, is the most commonly used phrase in the studio when Gyp$yfoot is producing.

    GYP always write on incidents & Violences:

    As for his come-up story, Coming from the end of Melbourne, he saw a lot of violence and drug addictions, gangs, hatred for people living in his neighborhood, racial hate, and racial gangs. Right from the start, he knew that he never wanted that. Instead, Gyp$yfoot just wanted to make music ever since he was a child. Gyp$yfoot even made a deal with his mum for her to help him pay for his first guitar. He even tried out guitar lessons for a year. When Gyp$yfoot turned 17, he decided to turn his life around by moving out of his neighborhood and pursuing music.

    Some events in your life will unquestionably affect your perspective on things, and Gyp$yfoot was one of them. Later, when he was 20, he was involved in a motorcycle accident while traveling at 100 km/h (60 mph), which altered his outlook on life. He eliminated all unnecessary baggage and people from his life to solely focus on music, yet he fell out of practice. Gyp$yfoot began taking classes and playing gigs again at the age of 22. He was doing that fully off my loop pedal by the time he was 23, so he became proficient with it. As his journey progressed, he began to earn around $30 per hour, but with a person with whom he had no bond. Gyp$yfoot once asked himself, “Can I accomplish this?” He didn’t take “no” for an answer and, at the age of 25, went straight to university to study music. Gypsyfoot received his Ableton training while at university, which motivated him to improve as a musician in general. had teachers who were a wealth of information, and he made sure he took advantage of it. Gyp$yfoot met Spooky Fruit while studying, and the two began working together after a few months. And now we’re seeing them release their first song, “smashing,” on April 15th, followed by an EP.

    Motorbike Accident Changed him to create Music:

    Ever since Gyp$yfoot was 4 years old, he has always loved music. It helped them through their hard times in life and gave him a life he is grateful for. Gyp began playing as a result of the motorbike accident, which inspired him to create music. That accident was a life changer for Gyp$foot. At 100 km/h, he hit a white line and had this encounter with my god and the devil. It almost felt as if they asked if he wanted to die because Gyp$yfoot had considered suicide and attempted it several times. Gyp$yfoot could never imagine his mother giving a eulogy at my funeral, so he urged and gave a loud cry of “no””. Gyp$yfoot got inspiration at that time when he was being told all the things he could be and urged him to get off the road because a car was approaching. To God’s miracle, there came a car 30 seconds later, which made him realize that he should never give up on music. Since then, the music that Gyp$yfoot composes is a direct reflection of his current state of mind.
    In the future, we can expect Gyp$yfoot to deliver only positive vibes, sincere love, respect for others, and simply beautiful music. They’re working on getting ready to play shows with Spooky Fruit, as well as collaborating with other artists to create some incredible music. Gyp$yfoot is expected to release solo tracks shortly. He’s going to release a track with Biz, a Queensland, Brisbane rapper, for his next plans. He’ll be releasing an EP shortly, with additional tracks to follow.”

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