Meet Libba, Music that You Want More


    Hey it’s Libba, a female pop singer/songwriter from San Francisco who is ready to reign supreme in the music industry with her exceptional talent in music. Making the type of music that will take you on a journey that you have never experienced before, Libba is all passionate to make music that will have you wanting for more.

    Music can lift our mood, inspire it, or relax and soothe it. Music also allows us to feel nearly or potentially all of the emotions we experience in our life, which is essential. Libba’s music will take you on a journey; it will be a song like no other. An experience that you have never had There are different stories in each song, whether it be through the lyrics or instrumentation. There is always a lot of power and movement behind each song, whether it be an uptempo rock song or a beautiful ballad.

    Meet Libba, Music that You Want More

    Libba wants to be inspired by music rather than follow a creative process when it comes to music. Her creative process never repeats itself. She will sometimes delve directly into the lyrics that appear on the page. She’ll be at her keyboard at other times, plunking chords and maybe basic melodies. Libba pays close attention to the mood and attention of the music and the numerous levels of stacking the song as she goes through the process of composing music. Guitar riffs, violin heavy, etc. are all the types of instruments Libba takes into account when she’s producing her music. At the end of each song, for Libba, it is just the reward of thinking of one idea and creating something beautiful and never heard of before.

    Libba had been surrounded by music since her childhood. Her father, being an immigrant from Ireland, used to play Irish tunes every day to the fullest. Like most singers, Libba started her singing journey in the church choir. Later on, as she got older, she ventured into different styles of music, from musical theatre to jazz, rock, and classical. Each different path of music Libba entered taught her so much appreciation for the background of each style. Learning so much about these different styles of music taught me which genres Libba felt more passionate about and then later developed into my songwriting styles.

    Libba’s real inspiration

    Libba’s real inspiration to make music came from a workshop she did a few years back at Berklee College of Music in Boston. She just so happened to sign up for a songwriting workshop one summer, and it was life-changing. Libba was surrounded by aspiring artists at the workshop. She found many aspiring artists like herself who wanted this outlet to create music. She found her time in Boston so much comfort in songwriting and creating music that she became even more determined to make music that would inspire and lead people to feel happy.

    Meet Libba, Music that You Want More 3

    Libba is a female musician who has never given up on her dream of being a musician. She got back on her feet with a desire to inspire people, even when she wanted to quit, and had her “pity party.” Libba is ready to soak up any new, exciting experiences like a sponge, but she’s also been taught a lot about music production. She can be regarded as a person who is incredibly dedicated to anything she is enthusiastic about, and with music being her number one interest, she will always be seen pushing to be active in music creation.

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