Meet Loah Semi Rising Hip Hop Artist From Richmond Va Loah Semi


    Loah Semi has been experiencing music his whole life but honestly just started taking it seriously like 3 years ago which was also when he created the name Loah Semi which stands for “Listen Observe Always Hustle” LOAH.
    When it comes to describing Loah Semi’s music he has his own genre which is like Trap Opera, kind of like the Orchestra sound Trap in a way. He also likes old-school Rock, he’s pretty much all over the place and doesn’t have one lane for real but Hip Hop/Rap would definitely be his all-time favorite out of all genres.
    To be honest you really can’t identify what kind of artist Loah Semi is due to how versatile of an artist he is. He knows he can’t just stay in one lane lol, he even writes and co-produces his own music as well which shows how talented and dedicated he is to his craft.
    Loah Semi’s creative process when it comes to making music varies sometimes because he freestyles in the moment or will also choose to mostly write.

    Meet Loah Semi Rising Hip Hop Artist From Richmond Va Loah Semi 1

    Loah Semi is from Richmond Va, the family roots of North Carolina. Due to him currently still being on the come up, his come-up story is still being written to this day.
    Throughout his childhood he grew up listening to Rap music, 2pac was his name in the hood because he knew all the lyrics to 2pacs’ songs and his big sister was a Hip Hop head as well. Another major inspiration to Loah Semi being an artist is due to his father also being an artist.

    Meet Loah Semi Rising Hip Hop Artist From Richmond Va Loah Semi sdfs

    What you can expect from Loah Semi is nothing but great music, he is also featuring in Rap A Lot Midwest Official Dj Sleep EZ new single “Why U Hating” which is out now, currently at 150,000 streams on Spotify and Loah Semi is currently working on a new EP. If you haven’t already, also check out his song out now and buzzing called “On On”.
    At the moment Loah Semi is independent right now, which means that his schedule on releases is in the works, you can look for his new Ep releasing by September, he’ll be continuing to drop singles till then to feed the streets.

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