Meet Samskara Rad, his unique sound can inspire the world within no time


    Introducing the maestro of Rap, Pop and Hip Hop Music of the modern day named Maurizio Simon Marrocco aka ‘Samskara Rad’ is one of the finest in the music industry. Born in Italy, he moved to Australia at the age of 8. He is successfully making his name as a songwriter and a producer in the industry. Being one of the most successful independent artists, Maurizio’s journey started back at the age of 15. His first song released on January 17, 2020 and that has been the initial staging of his promising career. Ghetto of Love is one of his most popular and loved tracks. Upon asking as to how he came up with his staged name, he says “I am into yoga, Samskara are imprints in my mind that makes the illusory self, and Rad because I am radical”.

    When he started making music and surprisingly held a very high potential in it, his music comprises of melodic hip hop beats, electronic dance and can be described as celebratory, hypnotic and ‘telling a story’ kind. His creative process is quite simple, he writes on regular basis, cannot stop even after he’s finished and gets inspiration from other artists’ songs and music. “Sometimes I really cannot say how it happens, it just happens”, he says. 

    He has struggled super hard to keep up with the modern trends of music as he took a long break from it and once he decided to come back, things had pretty much changed, music had metamorphosed into multiple genres and varieties but he was motivated enough to evolve himself too and so he did. The source to this potential was when he was a part of a band in his younger days that was doing pretty well but due to an unfortunate turn of events, broke apart and he gave up. But later he mustered up the courage and tested waters with his passion again and came back into writing but with different inspirations. 

    It’s giving from his perseverance that he is here to stay and shall make big in his niche genre. He plans on making big moves with his music career and that is something that he is definitely capable of. His music will be heard globally. With his upcoming releases especially ‘purple lovers’, it’s going to be one of his finest works for this year and has his fans awaited for his master pieces. He is undoubtedly finest of his lot and his unique sound can inspire the world within no time. This is certainly just the start to his never ending growth. Get to know him more and follow this gem on his Instagram @samskararad

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