Meet the finest super start ShakulPicaxxo, the R&B young talent


    Introducing the pioneer of R&B and Hip Hop Music of the modern day better known as ShakulPicaxxo is one of America’s finest singer/rapper. With ethnic roots from central Africa in Congo, ShakulPicaxxo grew up in Kentwood, Michigan. Being one of the most successful independent artist in the industry, Shakul’s journey started back in 2013 when he started making music and surprisingly held a very high potential in it. The source to this potential was when Shakul was part of a choir at the age of 14 and used to listen to Chris Brown ever since. This was just the mere start to what inspired him into making music and deciding on what he had to make of himself in the future. This journey, well not being an easy one led this talent to find creativity in his music and making his way to perfection, Shakul got his expertise finalized into making R&B, dance hall and afro pop beats. With immense passion for being an independent artist and especially after realizing what an artist actually is, Shakul finally made his debut in 2021 on December 30th which is a never ending road for this young talent. 

    Meet the finest super start ShakulPicaxxo, the R&B young talent

    Believing in his music, Shakul says ‘One way I would say my creativity is like would be depending on how the beat is going’. This explains a lot on how his music is one of the most attractive in the niche genre. Shakul plans on taking over the world with his music and that is something that he is definitely capable off. His music is on the verge of being heard internationally all over the radios. With his upcoming album titled as ‘Not a Mixtape’, it’s going to be one of his finest work for this year and has his fans awaited for this masterpiece. ShakulPicaxxo is undoubtedly the finest singer/rapper and with his unique sound can inspire the world within no time. This is certainly just the start to his never ending growth. Get to know him more and follow this gem on his Instagram @picaxxo_

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