Meet the super Recordist, PlaytrixxX Who has exceptional Rapping Skills


    PlaytrixxX, the owner of Late Night Vibes Records, is going to top the charts soon with his exceptional rapping skills.
    PlaytrixxX has always had a passion for music. PlaytrixxX, originating from Woodbridge, Virginia, is sure to redefine your trap music experience. He is a great rapper, singer, and audio engineer. In April 2020, he debuted his first single for the love of his trap and rap.

    This newfound hype towards trap music, as some may listen to it, has only recently emerged. However, there is a history behind the origin of the trap genre that is all but unknown. Trap music started making music in August 2016. PlaytrixxX has been successful in producing beautiful trap music and making it known to the public. His songs have a lot of punch lines and flow switches as well, which gives his music an entirely different vibe.
    In PlaytrixxX’s music-making process, he only needs to hear a beat a couple of times to know what the song should sound like before recording it.

    Meet the super Recordist, PlaytrixxX Who has exceptional Rapping Skills

    Music has always felt like an extension of himself for PlaytrixxX. He grew up playing instruments naturally, so when he started recording and engineering, it felt like he was born to do it. There’s no need for him to seek inspiration; PlaytrixxX is his own source of inspiration.
    PlaytrixxX’s trap music is sure to get the party started in the future. We’re excited to hear new singles and creative music from PlaytrixxX, with his unique blend of trap and rap.

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