Meet The Versatile Music Artist Solo X Who’s music will get you addicted!


    Meet Solo X, an artist with a unique style and flow to his music. His versatile music is one of a kind and the catchy tunes can get addictive. Born in Lima, Ohia the artist produces music that is primarily rage, hip hop, rap or of the electronic dance genre. The independent artist began making music in July 2021 and released his first single about 2 years ago called, ‘Call 2 Action’ on all platforms through Leballoo Services.

    In 2020, when the artist-initiated making music with his friend from middle school, they built their studio from scratch and started off with a stage mic. They would work hard each day in the studio trying to perfect their craft. Gradually, Solo X began to grow connections with people in the industry and on media and started to invest in his music.

    A Versatile Music Artist Solo X From Lima 2
    A Versatile Music Verified Artist Solo X From Lima

    Back when the artist was in eighth grade, they he had no thoughts of pursuing music as his career at all, but played football for four years and basketball for three years. He planned that he would live a life like all the other students and go to college, with no real plan in life for what he wanted to be. However, in his freshman year Solo X made a song and released it on an app. Though it did not get much of a positive response, the artist decided that he would not give up and continue to putting in all his effort towards betterment and growth. He ignored all those who tried to get in his way or spread negativity.

    When it comes to Solo X’s music you can always expect different sounds and a variety of them. He has music that can put you in all sorts of moods whether it is happy, sad, mad or it may just get you hyped up.

    The artist does not have a particular routine or rigid rules when it comes to his music, but what he produces is based on the vibe and his daily feelings. His sound and flow can vary each time that he is on the mic.

    A Versatile Music Artist Solo X From Lima 1
    A Versatile Music Artist Solo X From Lima

    His biggest inspiration and the person that Solo X looks up to the most is himself because he has worked hard to reach where he is today. Getting where he was today was in no way an easy task, but confidence, belief, patience and risks got him where he is today! He had no support and built himself up on his own to reach where he is today. He knows that if he can do it, anyone else can too and the key behind it is to just not give up easily!

    Solo X has a few singles in the pipeline that will be dropping soon, some music videos and a lot more to light up the summer!

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