Not Finding Peace? Bashing’s Music Will Change You.


    Verse Bashing, an upcoming artist rising from Wisconsin, is ready to rule the mainstream stage with his versatile rap. Born in Wisconsin but originally born in Romania, Verse Bashing is an independent artist who debuted his first single on August 18, 2018.
    An exceptional rapper and songwriter, Verse Bashing started making music about 5 years ago, but he started playing music around age ten.
    Verse Bashing’s music can be described as versatile. He is determined to be a rap artist in music and keeps on working on pushing his skills from time to time. His skills keep on improving with every verse and hook he writes down. There’s almost no hip-hop beat that Verse Bashing can’t write and record over. He excels at what he does.

    Not Finding Peace? Bashing's Music Will Change You. Music artist

    Once Verse Bashing hears a beat, he takes off with his first bar and starts to build his own compound rhymes around that bar. Along with any switch-ups that he may hear, Verse Bashing always likes to build a rhythm with his syllable breakdown when he’s building his bars.
    Verse Bashing is keeping it humble and working towards his big come-up. He feels now that he’s got the tools in his arsenal to secure the bag. Now it’s just a matter of trusting the process and transparency, and Verse Bashing will be at the top of the charts. Verse Bashing has suffered many losses over the last four years while creating this music, including broken friendships and failed businesses. Through all the life experiences he has been through, Verse Bashing feels he now has the secret recipe to be successful.

    When he was younger, Verse Bashing had exposure to music. He saw his dad making music in his childhood. Earlier in the article, Verse Bashing started making music when he was 10. His dad was the inspiration behind it. Endure Bashing ended up going through a lot of rough ordeals in school.
    Due to this, he ended up getting locked up, going to prison, getting out, getting addicted to hard substances, and not finding peace. Music will change you, especially when you start making it. When the music came into Verse Bashing’s life, Verse Bashing saw a breakthrough in his life. He needed to get away from it all until one day he started writing music and saw how it changed his life.
    In the future, Verse Bashing is going to produce a lot more music and a lot of new singles as well. Verse Bashing has a lot of tracks that are in the process of getting mixed and mastered by Guyku Music.

    Not Finding Peace? Bashing's Music Will Change You.

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