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    Ridin’ HighRick Ross still feels inspired and motivated to work hard even after 20 years in the game. A serious vintage car collection, an opulent mansion and a new deluxe album prove the multiplatinum-selling rapper is richer than he’s ever been.

    Privacy is a fickle matter when the home Rick Ross resides in pops up as “Rick Ross’ Mansion” on Google Maps. The colossal estate, formerly owned by boxing champ Evander Holyfield, sits on nearly 300 acres right off a highway in Fayetteville, Ga., surrounded by security and gates emblazoned with the rapper’s gold logo. Ross spent $5.8 million on the 54,000 square-foot residence in 2014. He has 109 rooms—a theater, game room, bowling alley, and basketball court included—plus 25 bathrooms to navigate at any given time. Gold, bronze and ivory statues adorn the foyer. Versace dinnerware and a Hermes ashtray sit on the table in the office, tucked in by Fendi chairs. A Rolex clock hangs on the wall. Framed photos of Muhammad Ali, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol line the halls. Ross’ lavish property, affectionately called The Promise Land, is a sign of the success he’s garnered as a result of a nearly 20-year-long successful rap career. Ross was eyeing the residence for years until one day he saw a for-sale sign and made a U-turn straight to the gate, then made an offer. He applies that same kind of boss behavior when adding another set of wheels to the massive fleet of automobiles he’s collected over the years. Highlighted by a special vintage car collection.

    “I may ride by somebody house and see a ’73 or ’71 Impala, make a U-turn, have one of the homies go up to they door, ‘Rick Ross out there in the car.’ They say, ‘Stop lyin’, you playin’,’” Ross recounts as he sits in the passenger seat of his 1971 black Chevrolet Caprice Convertible in the garage at The Promise Land on a rainy day in January. “‘Nah, that’s me. What y’all wanna do with this car in the driveway?’ So that’s what it is.”

    The Miami rap vet, who celebrates both his 46th birthday and the deluxe release of his 11th solo album, Richer Than I Ever Been today, has been an appreciator of regal and rare rides since he was 13 years old washing whips in a car wash in Miami-Dade County. He considers them to be the first status symbol. While he owns Maybachs, Rolls-Royces and more, old-school metal is his primary choice. He never discriminates either, whether it’s a moped or whips. “I’m just a fan of everything with a motor,” he asserts. His collection has cracked over 100 automobiles. Even he forgets the exact number since more get added to the assortment on the regular.

    Luxury cruisers and fly foreigns get gassed up, but there’s a certain level of care and craftsmanship that Ross takes part in before he puts the pedal to the metal in one of his prized possessions.

    “I believe one of the major differences is anything that’s brand new, I can just call on the dealer, send it right now, overnight it, the wire in the morning, you have it,” he explains. “These vintage joints, these classic joints, nah, it’s not that way. And to get ’em where you really want ’em, you gotta spend a little time, you gotta put some work in ’em. It’s a lot of times I buy cars one owner, you know, ’55, ’56, ’57 [Chevrolet] Bel Air, whatever it is. One owner, damn-near practically brand new.”

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