ScurtDae. If you don’t recognize this young independent artists name yet – you soon will


    Rising multi-genre, independent artist ScurtDae (@ScurtDae) is a young singer-songwriter who invades the music industry with a fresh sound combination of HipHop, Pop, Emo Rap, and Melodic Rap creating music uniquely his own.
    “My path into music is not unusual. It came from the need to express myself. In order to do that it required that my creative process be authentic. Being authentic means, I stay true to who I am – knowing that I am not perfect, nobody is. I was raised by a single mom who loved to quote Vince Lombardi to me – “Success only comes before Work in the dictionary”.  She taught me that it is important to continually educate yourself – and do what you love. Music is my passion – which requires hard work to keep growing. I write my own music and collaborate with other artists I love. I aspire to provide my listeners with lyrics that have real depth to them. Sometimes I write songs that are meant to just simply escape, using a variety of different issues or life situations. At times I think of the lyrics as a prayer. People love party music and upbeat songs, but sometimes when you actually want to listen to music, you need something else.”

    ScurtDae is an independent artist celebrated by millions worldwide. ScurtDae’s single, Back to Life, has currently over 20 million streams on all platforms. Starting back in 2019, ScurtDae had 129 monthly listeners on Spotify, which has currently grown to around 300K listeners. Back to Life went number 1 in Spotify’s Playlist ‘Viral 50 – Finland’, where it stayed at the peak position for 7 weeks straight. Back to Life was also featured on Spotify’s Curated ‘Viral Tik’ (TikTok) playlist; ‘Top 50 – Finland; Viral 50 Czech & SK’; ‘Discover Weekly’; ‘Spotify Radio’; ‘Your Daily Mix’ and 205K+ other playlists across Spotify to date.
    ScurtDae’s music is beautifully heartfelt, complex and open, loaded with vulnerability and struggle, confidence and uncertainty – the writing is powerful, and the sound is on point being both artistic and modern by design. ScurtDae’s songs Too Cold and Anesthesia are examples of his expressive, honest, and creative style which takes his listeners down a fresh pathway stylistically.
    Newly released I Don’t Even Know has a hypnotic Latin vibe, featuring up-and-coming artist from Florida, CHXNDLER (@Chxndler.Music [Previously named Shiesty Z4])
    Currently ScurtDae is working on a new EP taking him back to his HipHop roots featuring GATA (@GedGaTa), YunTrivv (@YunTrivv) and Rudy Grey (@RudyGreyx) which is expected to release this summer of 2022.
    ScurtDae, A Diverse Artist That Has No Limits To Music
    ScurtDae, A Diverse Artist That Has No Limits To Music

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