Meet Twitch Kid, A Deep and Determined Music Artist From Santa Ana


    We bring to you an artist with an enthusiasm for music and the motivation and determination to pursue his dream until he succeeds, Twitch Kid. The artist is a Trans male from Santa Ana and produces music that belongs to the pop and rap genre. The independent artist began making music five years ago and released his first single in 2018.

    At the age of 18, the artist began making music and one day decided that it was time to start his music journey. He released his first album “Pattern Problem.” Then he started working on creating his identity and went for the name Twitch Kid because he developed Tourette’s in high school and wanted to own it and turn that into something creative about himself. Adding that to the alien boy who is trying to save the Earth, Twitch Kid began to come together.

    The music that the rapper produces has a message of hope from the stars and is based upon a story. This story is of an alien from the future who came to Earth to give people hope for a better future and to share the journey that got Twitch Kid to Earth in the first place, in a neverending battle through time and space against the arch-nemesis known as Doctor Webb.

    Twitch Kid 1

    When producing a song Twitch Kid begins by working on the emotion that he wants to start the song with. Something strong which helps tell the part of the story that he wishes to tell through his song. Once, he has decided that and the genre he works on the beat which goes along with the story like cinematic synths and big drums that will get people in the mood to move. Then he begins writing the song, bit by bit, piece by piece just like assembling parts of a puzzle together like he would have in the Twitch Kid Universe.

    Every song by the artist is real and relatable and reflects people that we encounter in everyday life. It is a clue to the story that the artist tells of his home planet SHAY’D, from where he ran away die to a terrible war and came to help serve the Earth from Doctor Webb. On the other hand, Webb aims at gaining followers by offering them whatever their hearts desire as long as they help him find and destroy anyone who comes in his way.

    Through his music, the artist hopes that people can escape into his music and find themselves in the dark and in the light side of life. Performing came naturally to Twitch as his father was a pro bass player. He taught himself how to sing, rap, produce music, play the piano, the guitar, ukulele and the theremin.

    Twitch Kid 2

    Currently, the rapper performs in Downtown Santa Ana, creates YouTube videos, makes exclusive apparel, and produces and masters songs for another artist like himself, Salem Strikes. Music is his life and his way of being able to express himself and Twitch Kid has no plans of giving up on his dreams unless and until he succeeds!

    His latest album, SHAY’DI Bitch is on the verge of releasing and has a full 16 songs that tell the story of how Twitch left his planet and began his journey on an apocalyptic Earth, 50 years from now. The album is a mix of punk rock, rap, funk and synth-wave music which takes its listeners on a journey through space and time!

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