“D.O.M of DnD is a talented rapper hailing from Calgary, AB, Canada. With his first song released in 2018, D.O.M. has been making waves in the rap scene with his unique style and flow patterns. Despite not being signed to a label, he has been able to make a name for himself through his hard work and dedication to the craft.

    D.O.M’s music has been compared to some of the biggest names in rap, including Eminem, Blueface, Beastie Boys, Lil Darkie, and Earl Sweatshirt. He aims to bring a tonality reminiscent of Earl Sweatshirt and a flow pattern similar to Royce da 5’9″. His music is aimed at those who genuinely love hip-hop as an art form and want to pick apart the lyrics and structure of the songs.

    D.O.M’s creative process starts with inspiration from sources like anime, Let’s Play videos, and stand-up comedy. He spends time figuring out his flow patterns and cadences by scatting over a beat before finally writing and recording his music. Due to financial constraints, he mixes and masters the tracks, which takes anywhere from a day to a month.

    His come-up story is inspiring, starting with covering Eminem’s songs for school projects and dances. He started making his own music in 2018 and continued to improve by participating in various ciphers and forming a group called Splinter Faction with other talented Reddit rappers. With the help of this group and other connections, he has been able to find his niche and evolve as an artist. D.O.M’s inspirations range from new-school Eminem and Token to old-school Earl Sweatshirt and Royce da 5’9″. He pays attention to these artists’ lyrical content and flow patterns to create his unique style.

    In conclusion, fans can expect music that is thought-provoking and brings a new level of depth to the rap scene. With his combination of lyrical prowess and flow patterns, D.O.M of DnD is a force to be reckoned with.”

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